Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Right's Blame Game

Continuing to blame the national debt and the huge deficits on Obama, on social spending, on government regulations and oversight and environmental policies, on high taxes on the wealthy and other "job creators," and on mythical freeloaders of a welfare state, is partisan politics with no basis in reality.

We have had 30 years of Republicans running up the debt, slashing taxes on the wealthy, deregulating, and calling immoral and lazy those to whom greed is a sin. And now their solution (surprise) is to cut social spending. There is a reason that 2009's deficit was projected to be $1 trillion before Obama even took office, and the reason is not Obama. Welcome to the politics of Ayn Rand, where selfishness is king and social responsibility is anathema.

A portion of this was previously posted on this blog.
Originally posted as a comment on Mitt Romney's Facebook page.

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