Sunday, January 27, 2013

Filibuster Reform Dead

"The Senate filibuster -- in which a single lawmaker can hold up a bill unless 60 senators vote to end debate on the matter -- has become the favored tactic for stalling Senate action over the last three sessions, with nearly 400 instances." - Tom Harkin

Republicans have clearly demonstrated over the last four years that bipartisanship is dead, and that dirty politics is the order of the day. They have also shown that american citizens don't matter to them, that corporations and the financial sector should be unregulated, untaxed, and held unaccountable for fraud, mismanagement, pollution, corruption, and criminal behavior.

With Democrats unwilling or unable to stand up to radical conservatives, why should we the people have any faith that there will someday be a return to democratic values?

With the Democrats in the Senate unwilling to make meaningful changes to the rules, and with the President caving in every time there are negotiations because of threats by the radicals to shut down the government, there will be no progress.

All we have to look forward to now is four more years of gridlock, and more politicians bought and paid for by moneyed interests. Corruption, deceit, immorality, and increased inequality. Welcome to the future.

Copies of this were sent to President Obama and my representatives in Congress.

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