Monday, February 10, 2014

What's important to me in 2014

  • Expand SS & Medicare. 
  • Goods sold in US should have same standards as goods made in US (including companies costs for labor as well as environmental standards). 
  • Close some overseas military bases & pay soldiers same as contractors. 
  • Fix vets' healthcare. 
  • Single payer healthcare. 
  • Eliminate capital gains (& dividend) tax advantages (take the rich man's hand out of the poor man's pocket). 
  • Eliminate salary cap on payroll taxes. 
  • Implement transaction tax on stock trades. 
  • Establish minimum tax level for companies doing business in US. 
  • Document all changes to proposed congression bills (no more AGI bonus surprises). 
  • Prohibit congressmen (& women) from profiting from their time in congress (corruption). 
  • Extend unemployment. Raise minimum wage (or pay congresspeople minimum wage). 
  • Eliminate unpaid internships both governmental and commercial. 
  • Establish guest worker visas for foreign labor (at least in agriculture and construction). 
  • Eliminate exemptions on congresspeople to wage, labor and other laws. 
  • Impeach Scolia or have him committed for insanity (not even the appearance of corruption?!). 

Posted in response to Debbie Wasserman's survey.

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