Monday, March 21, 2011

Budget Cuts Equal Jobs Cuts

Comment posted to Robert Greenwald Blog:

Try increasing revenue. Why give billionaires and millionaires, corporations and capital gains recipients tax breaks while gutting programs which help the poor, the disabled, the sick and the elderly? Individual responsibility without social responsibility is irresponsible. The poor are not lazy, not without discipline, and are not spiritually weak. They are poor, usually from circumstances beyond their control. Take your paternalistic attitude and your misguided morality elsewhere.

The lack of money to fund the government is a result of thirty years of conservative policies, and the national debt is being used as an excuse to cut programs. (Where were conservatives when Bush almost doubled the national debt? Oh, deficits weren't a problem then?) Conservatives are slashing regulations, gutting Federal agencies with oversight responsibilities, shipping jobs overseas with free trade instead of fair trade, attacking public unions, attacking health care reform, and attacking the EPA, IRS, SEC, HUD, the Department of Education, the Labor department, as well as other agencies.

By the way, Social Security is funded from payroll taxes. It is not an entitlement program. It has 2.6 trillion in reserves (U.S. Treasury Bonds), and is fully funded for the next 26 years. Cutting benefits or freezing cost of living adjustments does not help the deficit one dime.

Slash heating assistance for the poor while big companies pay zero in Federal taxes? How stupid do you think we are?

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