Monday, March 14, 2011

Debating "This Is War"

This is a response to a comment made on an article titled "Michael Moore on Wisconsin: 'This Is War'". The original comment:

After years, if not decades of media and the public decrying our leadership (in any of its forms) as not accomplishing anything, the Wisconsin governor comes out and accomplishes something in a way that he believes is good for the state.

The fact that the MAJORITY party (fairly elected) didn't make changes that YOU like, doesn't mean they're wrong.

Your only recourse, when someone sticks their neck out to try and solve a problem bigger than an 800 pound gorilla in the room, is to scream "recall"? Really?

Typical liberals. If it isn't "our" way, it's wrong, so let's recall them, or take the issue to court (even if the majority of the polulation asked for them to govern).

Obama and the Democrats, fairly elected and in the majority on a national level, get health care into law, yet the conservatives didn't need recalls. They relied upon the ballot box at the next election to show their dissatisfaction.

Liberal cry babies. Kicking, screaming cry babies addicted to, if not entirely the puppets of, the union gravy train and under the control of union bosses.

Governor Scott Walker promised to balance the budget, but he didn't reveal his intention to strip away collective bargaining rights from public sector workers. He asked for concessions from the unions, and when he got them, he went ahead anyway with his anti-union plans.

Walker also gave tax breaks to corporations for about the same amount as he was asking the unions to contribute (albeit for the next year's budget), in effect taking from the middle class and giving it to the powerful moneyed class which financed his election.

Walker is pushing for $1 billion in tax cuts to education. His agenda is clearly not, as he had stated he wanted, school reform.

Addicted to the union gravy train? As a result of unions, we have child labor laws, minimum wage standards, a 5-day work week, health insurance (sometimes), and workplace safety standards.

Conservatives have attacked EPA, IRS, SEC, HUD, the Department of Education, the Labor department, as well as other agencies. They are trying to take us back to 1895. Conservatives are using the Tea Party's desire for government fiscal responsibility to slash "social" spending. Yet at the same time they are slashing taxes on corporations and the wealthy, thus reducing government revenues. If deficits really mattered to conservatives, their actions would be radically different.

Conservative attacks on Social Security continue, with lies about how it is financed and claims that it is insolvent. Social Security is fully funded for another 26 years and four-fifths funded (fully with caps raised) to 2084. It is not an entitlement program; it is funded by payroll taxes. The exception to that is last December's misguided "tax holiday" which lowered payroll taxes on workers from about 6.2% to 4.2%, with general revenues making up the difference.

A recall is being mounted because of Walker's lies and because of his attacks on the middle class. If voters really do approve his agenda, Republicans have nothing to fear.

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