Saturday, March 17, 2012

AARP Wants Social Security Cuts Again?

From the Huffington Post, we have that AARP "will soon be holding a private, principals-only 'salon-style conversation' with a host of advocates of entitlement cuts." A petition opposing this outrage is at

AARP meeting "off-the-record" with social security opponents to discuss strategies for changing Social Security, including possible benefit cuts? How ignorant and despicable!

The only change which should be made is to raise the cap at which payroll taxes are taken out (the cap should be indexed, not fixed), and that is only to insure full benefits past the next 25 years.

Raise the retirement age? You have got to be kidding. Social Security is fully funded for 25 years at current retirement ages. Will you penalize future retirees because of lies? And get rid of the payroll tax holiday and stop mixing our retirement insurance payments with general revenues.

If AARP want me as a future member, they had better start acting like advocates for seniors.

And get rid of AARP CEO Barry Rand along with whoever advises him. NOW!

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