Thursday, March 22, 2012

The XL Pipeline and Other Progressive Rumblings; A Letter to the President

The Keystone XL pipeline is touted as necessary, even though it will lead to only 50 permanent jobs, and any output will be sold abroad, not here in the U.S. And there is a reason that Canada does not want the pipeline to be built to their seaports. It is called the environment.

The price of crude oil is set on the world markets, and speculation in oil future's markets has increased dramatically, yet we are told that somehow gasoline prices can be lowered by the actions of the president, and in particular, by allowing the Keystone XL pipeline to be built. Those gas prices rise or fall world-wide, and the major difference in gasoline prices across the globe is due to taxes.

Support for the pipeline sounds like a purely political move at the expense of the environment.

We want the progressive president that we elected in 2008, not someone who continually caves in to the uncompromising demands of the opposition party. We need someone who understands that the GOP wants low revenues in order to cut social programs. We need someone who understands that individual responsibility without social responsibility is just selfishness and greed.

We need someone who will stop mixing general revenues with the payroll tax revenues in the Social Security Trust Fund; general funds in the Trust Fund gives the GOP the excuse they want in order to cut expenses by cutting Social Security. We need someone who will fight for allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices rather than paying whatever the pharmaceutical companies demand.

We need someone who will refuse, absolutely refuse, to allow the Bush tax cuts to continue. We need someone who demands an end to preferential tax treatment for income from working money over income from working people; end the 15% capital gains tax and treat capital gains (and special dividend income) the same as regular income. Anything else is a slap in the face to blue-collar workers.

End the saddling of expenses on companies in the form of employee health care insurance. American companies which employ American workers have to compete with overseas companies which have employees with national health care. Fight for health insurance which is not dependent on the type and longevity of employment as well as the size of the company. That alone would help small businesses attract quality employees.

Again, please stand up for the principles of candidate Obama, and become the great president we so desperately need.

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