Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kill Our America Hating Flag Burning Asses?

Don't mistake criticism and protesting for hating and a lack of patriotism. It just means that we want the country we love to be better.

Don't think there's room for improvement? Try being black, gay, a woman, or a sick person with a 30% co-pay and a $4,000 deductible. Try being an investor with Madoff (SEC was warned and did nothing) or a resident of Flint, Michigan. Try losing your life savings in the Great Recession because radicals did not want commercial and investment banking separate.

Try working full time for minimum wage at a company of less than 50 employees (no employer-provided health insurance). Try being an employee of a company which has to provide health insurance while competing against foreign companies that don't. Try living in a state that rejected Medicaid expansion so that you have no health care because you make over $4000 a year and don't make enough for the ACA insurance exchanges.

Try being poor. Try being on Social Security while hearing all the lies about it and watching all the efforts to get rid of it (by those who want to make a 20% profit off of your retirement) and being called a moocher after a lifetime spent paying into Social Security and Medicare.

Try being the relative of a victim of police violence or a mass shooting by someone who just had to use their AK-47 on a group of innocent people.

Most people do not claim soldiers and veterans and the police are not heroes, and most people do not hate America. Still want to shoot us? Yeah, you can take the easy road and disparage us and call us leftists or socialists or whiners or haters or moochers or threaten to kill us or send us to countries we never set foot in. Or you can try to understand that there are people who are hurting and need your help.

Get the picture?

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