Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Oh Those Incompetent Libtards! - A Progressive Reply


Three accomplishments? And then you list lies? Wow. But if you really want to talk about a lack of accomplishments, why don't you look those radical conservatives in the eye and ask them about their 8 years of "JUST SAY NO". Say NO to decent and affordable health care coverage. Say NO to reform plans to fix the economy. Say NO to reforming financial fraud. Say NO to confirming federal judge nominations. Say NO to confirming a supreme court nominee, saying let the next president decide, and then promising to say NO for at least four more years if your choice is not elected. Say NO to adequately funding federal agencies, including the agency which for years refused to investigate Madoff's Ponzi scheme. Say NO to extended unemployment insurance in the face of the worst ever recession. On and on and on. Oh, and then blame Democrats for lack of progress, saying "Elect Republicans because Democrat's plans don't work and ours will!"

Police Lives Unimportant? Saying that black lives matter is not saying that others do not. It is a reminder in the face of so many shootings which suggest that black lives do not matter that in fact they do. The killing of others is also deplorable, but to condemn the BLM movement as somehow dismissive of other lives is totally missing the point (and is by some a deliberate and shameful misunderstanding).

Insurance unaffordable? As for hikes in insurance premiums, for most people their subsidies will also rise. It also reflects the fact that conservatives sued and won making Medicaid expansion optional, so that people who don't make enough to qualify for the insurance exchanges often are not covered by Medicaid, leaving doctors and hospitals to pass the costs on to those who can pay, which is people with insurance.

And remember that the ACA is a Republican plan (RomneyCare). It was offered instead of Medicare-For-All for at least two reasons. First, because one Republican vote was necessary just to get a plan out of committee and onto the Senate floor. And second, because Democrats could not override a threatened Senate filibuster, having only seated 59 of the 60 elected Democrats due to a recount being dragged through the courts for six months by Minnesota Republicans. In the end, the Senate approved the House version by using a reconciliation bill (simple majority needed to pass and only one bill allowed per year), which also obviated the need for a conference between Houses to iron out differences between versions.

So the next time you decide to blame Obama for the plan by which uninsured and uninsurable people got needed healthcare, don't blame "Libtards". Or would you rather there were still Death Panels in insurance companies which refused to cover some people outright and cancelled coverage for others because of undisclosed pre-existing conditions (such as acne prior to the period that the medical history asked about - Really!).

How about blaming radical conservatives for insisting that only the middle class and the wealthy have coverage at the same time that they insist on poverty wages for the rest. You can also try to figure out why conservatives want to saddle large companies with employee insurance coverage, which is an expense that competing companies in other nations do not have. You may also want to look at how most other western nations have managed to provide healthcare for all at much lower costs, something which conservatives with their "American Innovation" mantra did not do, having decided that any plan America came up with would be better due to american exceptionalism. You may want to reflect on why radical conservatives want for-profit insurance companies with their overhead costs of 20% to be in charge of our healthcare. And why they want a for-profit insurance company between you and your doctor. And why out of everyone who qualifies for the insurance exchanges, the poorest are still forced to choose insurance plans with much higher deductibles and copayments.

And lastly, you may want to rethink the morality of healthcare as a privilege granted only to those who have enough money (or are pretty enough to arouse sympathy and donations). Is that how you gauge a person's worth? Are those really Christian values??

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