Monday, November 28, 2016

Perception and Reality: A Political View

Women's rights vs. no abortions.
Marriage equality vs. discrimination.
Making the rich pay their fair share vs. low to no taxes on the wealthy and on big corporations.
Gun regulations vs. the wild west.
Makes a difference how you word it, doesn't it?
Also, not just racism, but basically claiming that Obama is a Muslim and not born in America, and thus not a legitimate president.

When people say Trump is not their president, it means that he does not represent them. To say otherwise is to deliberately misunderstand them and to belittle their valid concerns.

Republicans are not fiscal conservatives. If you think that, you're in the wrong party. So if you really are a social liberal, and think that returning to child labor, poorhouses for the disabled and aged, no compensation for injured workers, minimal care for veterans, no minimum wage, no health care,  no financial regulations, no pollution controls, and no product safety standards are not okay, then think twice about which party better represents your interests.  Republicans waving the flag and shouting "Freedom!" (freedom for business, not people) does not make them the party of righteousness. True patriotism is fighting for soldiers' and veterans' rights and working to take care of children, the elderly, the disabled, the disadvantaged and the working poor. True patriotism is working for better conditions for everyone, and working for clean air and water and soil and for a planet that will be livable for generations to come. True patriotism comes not just from saying you love America, but from actions that show you really do love your country.

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