Saturday, December 31, 2016

Conservative Wants Examined

So, a list of all you want as a citizen of the USA? All of these supposed conservative concerns? Let's examine that list, shall we?

Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Not a Republican ideal. Not even for SCOTUS appointments or First Amendment rights. Especially not for religious freedom (or is it only for their religion?). And only for a revised (truncated) Second Amendment.

"English Only" as interpreted by conservatives means don't help any students who don't speak good English even if they are citizens.

Mandatory Drug Screening? Studies have shown it is not a problem except in the minds of Republicans. Maybe we should have drug screening for congressmen since they are also on the public dime.

Balanced budget? Don't look to Republicans for that; they are the ones who keep lowering taxes and won't close loopholes, and who put the Iraq war straight onto the national debt (so it wouldn't show up on yearly deficits and so they could lower taxes on the rich at the same time). Maybe you could tell me why working money is taxed at 20% while working people are taxed at a higher rate? They are also the ones who want to drown the Federal government in a bathtub and who don't want to fund anything (except defense).

Tax reform? What a laugh! Not under radical conservatives.

Term Limits? Ain't gonna happen. Congress and Senators? Congress includes the Senate. Maybe you meant the House and the Senate?

And if you want to stop illegal immigration then how about supporting green cards (work visas) for Mexican laborers so they can cross back into Mexico and not have to work under the table?

And freebies for non-citizens? If you think non-citizens are getting all sorts of freebies then you have been listening to Faux News and Rush Limbaugh.

If you think Republicans care about workers and families and morals and rights then you are living a fact-free existence, and you have been conned bigly.

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