Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Vote for Trump was wrong. And yeah, I used to be a Republican.

Torch the place because radical conservatives continue to block progress? Oh my God, Hillary's email handling was so evil. Let's put an idiot pervert in the White House instead. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you don't like Hillary because of 30 years of Republican lies about her? Say something often enough and people will believe it.

And how about ISIS? Oh, yeah, Hillary and Obama created them. Do you know what Donald Trump's secret plan for dealing with ISIS is? (Never mind that he wouldn't reveal it while all sorts of terror attacks and terrorist acts were happening.) He's going to get the generals together and give them 30 days to come up with a plan. That's right. His secret plan is to have someone else come up with a plan (as if without Trump's prodding they would just be sitting around drinking beer and moaning about the lack of military leadership).

His whole agenda is like that. Or haven't you been listening? Were you listening when he answered some questions the way a kid would write a book report on a book he didn't read? Were you listening when he admired Putin? Did you hear him threaten to put his political opponent in jail? Or say that the second amendment people might be able to keep Hillary from appointing Supreme Court justices? Did you hear his xenophobic rants against parents of a fallen soldier? Have you seen the incidents where he throws out a Trump supporter from a rally because he assumes that the way they look means that they are a Hillary Camp plant?

What about all of the screaming about vote rigging? 31 cases of confirmed ballot fraud in ten years and 1 billion votes. Meanwhile, voter suppression is alive and well. I don't suppose you heard about all of the misinformation being given to potential voters right up to the election in defiance of numerous court orders. Or the voter intimidation efforts. Or the voter registrations which were revoked because of "confirmation" mailings sent to deliberately false addresses. Or the Democratic leaning precincts which had numerous early voting locations decreased to one each to suppress those votes? Or all of the lies about photo ID's being needed, which continued even in the face of direct evidence that many legislators pushing for it wanted to suppress the minority votes or votes of people who could not afford the time or the money to get needed documents which in some cases were no longer even available. How about claims of ballot box stuffing by poll watchers who walked in late and refused to believe that it was just poll workers voting as soon as the polls opened because they figured they would be too busy to vote later? And all of those dead people on voter rolls, even though they were required by law to be kept on those rolls for a period of time for some technical reasons that I don't remember. Yeah, it sure looks like we are in a post-racial period. Thank goodness the radical conservative Supreme Court tossed out the main part of the Voting Rights Act because it was no longer needed.

And did you hear the Republican leadership promise that if Hillary won they would block Supreme Court nominees for as long as she was in office? Never mind that they said over and over, let the next president decide. Never mind that they would not even hold hearings on the current president's nominee.

And never mind the hundreds of House-passed bills that the Senate minority leadership would not let get to the Senate floor using the threat of filibuster in 2009 and 2010. Or did you forget that Republicans kept our Minnesota Senator-elect from taking office for six months in 2009 which kept Democrats from being able to override any threatened filibusters? And which resulted in the passing of the Republican health care plan you hate so much. How many times did you hear about the supposed Senate supermajority where the Democrats were able to pass whatever they wanted? Never happened.

Are you not aware of 30 years of Republicans lowering revenues while screaming about deficits and blaming social spending? (No new taxes? How about old ones?) And do you not know that Social Security is self-funded? Or that the "insolvent" Trust Fund has 2.8 Trillion in Treasury Bonds (those paper IOUs) and that the fund was built up for Baby Boomers retiring? And that Social Security has nothing to do with the federal budget debt and deficits (except by politicians combining figures to take advantage of continued Social Security surpluses to make the federal budget figures look better). Oh, and what about the defunding of regulatory agencies including the SEC which for years refused to investigate Madoff's ponzi scheme?

Have you actually read any of the bills put forth by Republicans? And how the title of the bill is usually in complete contrast to what the bill contains? I have. It's infuriating.

How about all the corporate welfare which comes in the form of subsidizing their workers with food stamps and energy assistance and health care insurance assistance and on and on and on because those corporations are opposed to living wages (might raise the price of pizzas by 15 cents!) and in most cases are also opposed even to minimum wages (go Mexicans!). And all those corporate CEO's who think their only obligation is to current stockholders and not to workers or customers or the future wellbeing of the company or even of planet Earth.

Do you not know of the many Republicans who said they would not vote for Trump because he was dangerous? Stop listening to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. Their viewers and listeners have consistently been rated as the least informed. Fox News kept the birther bullshit alive and they cheered on the Hillary witch hunts which wasted millions, wasted years of time and never found anything. And the email scandal? Did they ever go after people like Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice for doing the same, LEGAL thing? No? How about hearings for all the embassy people killed under Bush's watch? No?

Do you know why some existing insurance plans under the ACA were scrapped? Do you know why insurance premiums are going up? Do I have to explain those too?

Yeah, I used to be a Republican. I called myself a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. And one day I looked at the bullshit going on in the Republican Minnesota legislature, and then at the radical conservative bullshit in other states and in the capital. And I realized who the assholes were. And that they were by no means fiscally conservative. And that the ones who truly believed that Social Security recipients were moochers and infrastructure spending was bad and regulations were not needed because the market was inherently moral (go Madoff! go Enron!) had been reading the sophomoric theories of Ayn Rand (people are inherently lazy!) or listening to people who spouted that nonsense. And yeah, Democrats ain't perfect and some of them I rant about. But compared to the "Character Counts [except for Trump]" "Just Say No [to anything Obama wanted]" crowd? I would trust them only to bring back Poorhouses and stock market crashes and a Depression or a Recession (remember the Glass-Steagall Act repealed in 1999?) and maybe start a few more wars like the Democrats used to do.

So yeah, I think a vote for Trump was wrong. And I think there are valid reasons why the rest of the civilized world is shocked. And you won't understand until you actually start looking things up (original sources if possible, don't take anyone's word for it). I hate politics, but I hate what's going on even more. 

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