Saturday, March 4, 2017

Berkeley Riots - What Really Happened

150 masked agitators? Molotov cocktails? Does that really sound like a liberal protest?

A story on Breitbart BEFORE the event said that Yiannopoulos (formerly a writer and senior editor for Breitbart News) was, at the very institution which would be affected, going to "call for withdrawal of federal grants and the prosecution of university officials who endanger students with their policies”.

The police and Berkeley cancelled the event because of the "riot" and out of concern for public safety. Berkeley was going to let Yiannopoulos have his free speech even in the face of Yiannopoulos' reputation as a white nationalist, defender of pedophilia and "professional outrage generator". The rioters caused an estimated $100,000 damage to the university and additional damage to the downtown area. It now appears that Black Bloc, a mostly anarchist loose group of protesters known for violent tactics and for concealing their identities, along with the violent "extreme-left" group By Any Means Necessary, engineered the riot. It was not a student protest.

Yvette Felarca leads the outside group By Any Means Necessary. In a Breitbart article she was said to have expressed no regrets for her group's use of violence at Berkeley. She said they were setting an example for the left, who have been far too timid for way too long.

Robert Reich said that he "wouldn't bet against" the possibility "that Yiannopoulos and Breitbart were in cahoots with the agitators." This was followed immediately by a story on Breitbart that "Robert Reich Lies, Claims Breitbart News Organized Berkeley Riots." Speculation versus claim.

Within hours, Trump accused the university of not allowing free speech and promoting violence, and threatened to withhold federal funds (which was what Yiannopoulos was supposedly going to call for).

Yiannopoulos on Fox News the next day said the incident proves that Berkeley doesn't deserve federal grants.

The FBI has joined campus police and the local police department to identify the rioters who "assaulted innocent people and destroyed private and public property in order to suppress the free speech of someone they didn’t agree with."

And you think the big story is Robert Reich lies?? Grow up.

Originally posted as a comment to a YouTube video, Robert Reich : The resistance report, February 24, 2017.

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