Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rich Freeloaders

People who work hard for a living are tired of freeloaders - the rich who pay less as a percentage of taxes, corporations that pay little or no taxes and companies with record profits that receive subsidies. The wealthy have abandoned the principle of social responsibility and subscribe exclusively to the concept of individual responsibility. That concept is based on the myth that poor people are lazy and have made bad choices, and it is their own fault that they are poor. The wealthy send their money to work and are taxed only on the profits, while taxes are levied on most of the income of people who actually work.

At the same time, the radical conservatives want to eliminate worker protections, discrimination protections, environmental protections, and free K-12 education. They want bigger banks, bigger tax cuts for the rich (including dropping capital gains taxes to zero), no financial or consumer safeguards, privatized Social Security and Medicare, no Pell grants for students, no minimum wage, no heating assistance for the poor, no Head Start for preschoolers, no community block grants, no infrastructure spending bills, no healthcare insurance assistance and insurance protections, and a budget increase for our ridiculously massive military (with little going to soldiers).

Congress decides on the budget; the president only proposes an outline. Trillion-dollar deficits are the GOP's method of choice for an excuse to cut social spending. Conflating the federal budget figures with Social Security (with its own revenue stream) gives them an excuse to raise retirement ages and cut benefits (which has no impact whatsoever on the federal budget and its deficits), and gives them reason to privatize Social Security and gain access to profits from administrative overhead fees.

Want smaller government and lower taxes? Try living in Somalia.

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