Sunday, April 23, 2017

Why Oppose Universal Healthcare?

Republicans are opposed to universal healthcare because their philosophy is personal responsibility alone, not social responsibility. Any program or policy which interferes with taking care of one's own is something which must be eliminated. Conservatives want to cut the part of government that helps its citizens, because that violates individual responsibility and therefore is against their "moral" code. The fact that their policies mean that too many people cannot fulfill their own individual responsibilities (such as income, healthcare, protecting their family) doesn't register. It is always the victim's fault, whether it is lack of decent healthcare or being ripped off by predatory companies and individuals.

The Republican philosophy is all about greed and how to justify it. In their minds poor people are lazy and undeserving. The fact that social responsibility might help their bottom line is not part of their reality. And they have crafted so many ways of conning people into believing that their way is best, including messaging, word choices (tax "relief"), lies ("death panels"), and fear-mongering. That plus dirty tricks (gerrymandering, voter restrictions, Citizens United) keep them in power.

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