Saturday, May 6, 2017

Is Rape a Pre-existing Condition Under the AHCA?

For those people who point out that the AHCA does not explicitly make rape and sexual assaults pre-existing conditions, you need to understand that the consequences of those crimes CAN be labeled as pre-existing conditions. And when pre-existing conditions are allowed to be determiners of whether or not you get health insurance, or whether at some point they can cancel your insurance because of "nondisclosure" (usually when they don't want to pay for something expensive), then the AHCA is worthless and immoral, and should be relabeled as the Unaffordable Unhealthy Uncaring Repeal and Erase Act. To essentially make rape and sexual assault grounds for denial of health insurance and possibly medical care is barbaric and inhumane. I say that to willingly exacerbate the effects of those crimes is to be an accessory after the fact. Bring that up at the next town hall!

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