Friday, May 5, 2017

ObamaCare Dissatisfaction and the AHCA

Were you dissatisfied with the ACA and are now welcoming the GOP AHCA health care plan? I suppose you think your pre-ACA coverage was great because it was cheap. But that insurance was more like a coupon for anything other than routine doctor visits.

Insurance companies would practice denying coverage for expenses, claiming treatments were experimental, etc. They would also terminate policies of sick people they didn't want to cover because of "pre-existing" conditions which had occurred outside of the history window that they asked for on applications. People were even kicked off of insurance because they had acne treatments as teenagers!

Maybe you actually had insurance that was good, but most people did not. The most common reason for bankruptcies was unaffordable medical expenses, even with insurance. ACA had mandated benefits forcing insurance companies to actually pay for needed health care, and they had to cover you even if you had pre-existing conditions. For those who made enough to qualify, the exchanges along with subsidies finally got them the insurance they needed.

Expanded Medicaid was supposed to take care of people who made too little to qualify for the ACA insurance exchanges, but Republicans sued and got that to be optional for individual states. If you can't afford insurance, I would suspect you live in a red state that opted out of the Medicaid expansion. Go cry to those radical conservatives that have been working so hard to make sure you are not covered. Blame them, not the ACA. And look into Universal Coverage that most other western countries already enjoy, at a much cheaper price than we pay. Don't believe the GOP lies; they are not fiscal conservatives and they do not care anything for working people. Ask them also why wealthy people need "tax relief."

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