Thursday, May 26, 2011

Minncan's misleading petition

Minncan has a misleading petition titled "Minnesota: Don't Let Teacher Effectiveness Get Lost in the Political Crossfire."

Minncan is an organization which is trying to implement a "free-market" model for Minnesota schools, with the stated goals of "flexibility, accountability, and choice." It is an attempt to undermine teacher's unions, and to give charter schools license to teach what they want, how they want. The charter schools would be free to choose only who they want to teach, leaving difficult students in public schools. Those public (traditional, neighborhood) schools would then eventually be judged as failing, leading to their closure. This leaves many students at the mercy of an array of corporate schools, many of which are far from where the students live, and few of which are an improvement.

Minnesota already has problems with these smaller schools. For a revealing analysis of what MinnCan is about, see MinnCan success will be disaster for public education.

Don't be mislead into signing Minncan's petitions.

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