Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rep. Jim Jordan complains about 77 different means-tested social welfare programs

From the Congressional Record of the 112th Congress, page H3102, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio:
We need to get more of our Americans to work. You notice I didn't say back to work, Mr. Speaker. We're sometimes into the third and fourth generation where they didn't work at all. They have learned how to game the system, and we've accepted it. We no longer require the welfare-to-work part of this; that you get 5 years total and then you have to go to work. What we see happen is 77 means-tested welfare programs. Nobody can monitor all of that. And the will of the American people isn't such because now half the households don't pay income tax. But they go vote. And they vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. They vote themselves welfare benefits. There are people here that pander to that, and they understand that their political base is expanded when they expand the dependency class in America.
What are some of these welfare programs Rep. Jordan cites (see complete list)? They include Medicaid, food stamps,  Section 8 housing assistance; weatherization help for home owners, and Pell grants to help students afford college. Jordan’s list also includes low-income home energy assistance, school breakfast for children from low-income families, the Job Corps training program for at-risk teens and young adults, and Head Start for preschoolers.

Other welfare programs are listed such as urban development block grants, the Appalachian Regional Commission, and Americorps which sends college graduates into low-income neighborhoods for social service work.

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