Monday, August 1, 2011

Letter To Obama And My Representatives.

Reject this total capitulation. Force a vote on a clean debt ceiling bill, and if that fails, force Obama to raise the debt ceiling under the fourteenth amendment.

This is just a massive tax hike on the middle class and the poor. This will kill the economy as well as insure that Democrats lose in 2012.

This hurts everyone except the wealthy and large corporations. Small businesses will be hurt badly by the decrease in spending power of the average American.

No extended unemployment benefits? No jobs creation? No end to the Bush tax cuts? No end to tax loopholes and subsidies? Forcing a vote on a balanced budget amendment? A super Congress? This is just total capitulation to extortion! Wake up!!

Don't throw us under the bus again. Just please, please say no!

P.S. Where do I send Obama his cigarettes?

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