Monday, August 1, 2011

Satan Sandwich

The deal is the same as a massive tax increase on the middle class in the middle of what to us is still a recession, just to keep tax cuts, loopholes and deductions for the wealthy and large corporations.

Hello to a big drop in purchasing power by the middle class and poor, who will have to pay more for college, more for heat in winter, more for healthcare, etc.

Goodbye to jobs.

No extension of unemployment benefits?

Automatic cuts if Republicans do not pass a bill crafted by their super Congress?

A mandatory vote on a balanced budget amendment? That should be fun come election time.

This truly is a Satan sandwich, but I don't see the sugar coating. Unless the coating is the debt ceiling increase. Is there any reason the last minute deal just prior to the default was not a clean bill?

So Democrats are capitulating once again, led by the Conciliator-In-Chief. Welcome to the New Deal for the wealthy.

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