Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Letter to Obama post Budget Control Act 2011

To The White House, President Barack Obama:

We are disappointed that you inserted yourself into the debt ceiling negotiations, and as a result of your concessions, a very one-sided bill was passed.

Why was a clean debt ceiling bill not passed?

If there were going to be conditions on a debt ceiling hike, then where is the extension to unemployment benefits?

Where is the end to the Bush tax cuts? How about reversing the 25% reduction in taxes on capital gains and dividend income? What about doing something about corporate welfare? Why should small businesses pay more in effective tax rates than large companies?

Where are the jobs provisions?

How is a bill which passes huge costs onto poor and average American citizens, taking that much out of their spending power, supposed to help the economy and get tax revenues and job numbers back up?

In effect this bill is the same as a massive tax increase on the middle and working classes.

If this is the kind of bill that results from White House sponsored negotiations, the same kind of bill that passed last December, it would be better to let Congress do its own negotiating.

As a result of this bill and your involvement, not only will Americans and the economy suffer, but Republicans will continue to blame Democrats and the White House for the poor state of the economy. Winning in 2012 will be that much harder for Democrats, and especially for Progressive candidates.

Thank you.

Wendell, MN

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