Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Budget Talks

Comment to Huffington Post article White House Deficit Talks Coming Apart At The Seams:

It would be much better if the White House does not start budget talks again with compromises. In December Obama gave away the store before talks began, then wondered why Republicans wanted more. And let's hope Democrats don't continue to buy into trickle-down voodoo Reaganomics and the rest of the GOP lies. The programs they are cutting did not create the national debt.

Dems have got to get serious and start off with ending tax give-aways and with ending the Bush tax cuts. And NO to more mixing of the Social Security Trust Fund with general revenues. Social Security retirement is not an entitlement! Payroll taxes on working people and their employers funded the $2.6 trillion trust. Remove the payroll tax cut and remove paying for that cut with general revenues.

And for goodness sakes, let Medicare negotiate for better drug prices. Big Pharma have raised drug prices at least double in some cases (one example I know of is Provigil, from under $6 a pill to over $12 in the last two years, with lawsuits on anyone trying to manufacture a generic), and the taxpayer has to foot the bill?

The GOP wants to tackle deficits? Then make them!!

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