Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From congress.org, a letter to Obama

This letter was sent to President Obama using congress.org, and was re-printed on their site. I think it deserves to be reprinted over and over.

I do not like the bill that was sign to keep the gov. going makes my heart sad

President Barack Obama

April 12, 2011

not much that i can say but the bill that was sign makes me sad I was hoping that you would be the person that spoke for the common people I know that your job is hard and that you have to make hard choices but somethings just should not be compromised on some times we need to stand up for what is right even if that means a government shut down I am a single mom and this bill is going to effect me. It will make it harder for me to get funding to go to school, it will make it harder for me and my daughter to get health care, and it gives more money to a group of people that make too much money as it is. I worked for the dem. party to get you where you are I was a deleget for you and I have never been more passionate about the government than I was when you were running. My heart hurts and when I learned what was being cut and what was in that bill i actually cried! I do not understand a government that takes from the group that has the least to give. I would give my last dollar and all my time to help another person and it just seems that we live in a world that we could care less about the old the poor the uneducated in the US. I just wanted to write you to say that I am turely sorry that you are place in the position that you have to make these cuts that you feel that you can not stand your ground. I have no place to judge you and I will alway support and respect you but isnt their another way cant we as a party stand stong and cant we as a nation see that we have to help those that need it. The system has some overspending I know but the programs that get cut are the ones that help people. PLEASE DO NOT BACK DOWN PLEASE STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR THIS PLEASE DO NOT SIGN ANY MORE BILLS THAT CUT PROGRAMS FOR THE SINGLE MOMS FOR THE POOR FOR MEDICARE AND MEDICADE THAT GIVE THE RICH MORE MONEY. Ask yourself what kind of place are we leaving for our kids who are the rep. (tea party people) why are they being like this dont people know what or who they are letting in office

mount vernon , WA

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