Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meet the Press

This show seems to make the assumption that Social Security is just another entitlement which must be cut. Guess what? Cutting Social Security will do nothing for the debt (other than delaying still longer the accounting for past deficits). Social Security is self-funded (except for the idiotic payroll tax holiday). Maybe we should no longer use special U.S. Treasury Bonds, a version of bonds which are not counted when bought, but only when sold, to hold surpluses in the trust fund? Maybe we should use regular bonds (the kind China buys). Maybe we should reveal deficits when they occur, and not push the accounting onto future years when the bond is sold.

Social Security is funded through 2037, and 4/5's funded through 2084. Raising the cap is all that is needed to fix social security. Not lowering benefits. Not raising the retirement age. Fix the revenue side.

We are entitled to our Social Security. But in the double-speak of Washington, an entitlement is something we have not paid for. Social Security is just another program which we can downsize or eliminate? Yes, let's do a retroactive tax increase on the poor and middle-class workers and their employers, and take the Social Security Trust Fund. Let's make workers use private retirement plans. Plans which are subject to stock market collapses, the Bernie Madoffs of the world, and bankruptcies and seizures, not to mention higher administrative costs.

Gee, how about if we stop the Republicans and their supply-side economics and their Bush Tax Cuts and their corporate welfare and their make everyone but the rich pay? How about if we repeal the tax cuts on dividends and capital gains and estate taxes? How about we stop this manufactured crises? How about if we don't kill our elderly with the attitude that says they have to pay for their own health care with money they don't have?

The host, Mr. Gregory, really should have progressives on his show. Not just corporate democrats and deceptive (deluded?) Republicans. How about Senator Bernie Sanders? Someone who does not put up with hypocracy? Or maybe Mr. Gregory could himself actually challenge some of the outrageous lies his guests spout.

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