Friday, April 29, 2011

Minnesota Senate committee passes anti–gay marriage amendment

Republicans are all about deregulation and removing protections for consumers, the environment, the elderly, children, the disabled, and the poor and middle-class. They argue that regulations and restrictions are unfair burdens to businesses, and that the social responsibilities of individuals cannot or should not be legislated.

Then they argue that marriage must be regulated, and must be restricted to what their idea of a proper marriage is. They seem to have a delusion that being gay is a choice. They argue that a marriage between two people of the same sex will somehow destroy the institution of marriage for all people.

Their attitudes are inconsistent, patronizing and offensive. I would also argue that their philosophy is one of convenience, self-interest, greed, individual responsibility with no social responsibility, and amorality cloaked in self-righteousness.

I only hope that others in the legislature fight vigorously against their proposed ban against gay marriage. If they succeed, they will be placing on the ballot, to be voted on by the majority, a proposal to restrict the rights of a minority. I will be making my views known to my legislators.

See The Minnesota Independent.

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