Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Desperate Plea to Obama

Mr. Obama, please don't cave in again. America cannot afford it. Don't cut Social Security and Medicare. Fix the prescription drug part, raise payroll taxes and/or income caps, but don't give in. The GOP has a plan, and you are falling for it, and you are dragging too many Americans with you into the Republican's con game.

After running up the debt while lowering taxes to record levels, the GOP has succeeded in convincing people that we have a debt crisis instead of a jobs crisis. This is "disaster capitalism", a plan to slash revenues and run up the debt in order to get even more tax cuts for the rich, more deregulation, to decimate assistance programs at the same time that they are most needed, to get cuts to Medicare without fixing its prescription plan, and to attack Social Security, a program that is funded only by payroll taxes on incomes less than $106,800.

No new taxes? Then restore old ones. Don't let the Republicans throw the middle class into the poor house. Ask Michele if what the Republicans want makes any sense to her. Ask yourself if this is what FDR would have done.

We waited a long time to elect someone with your vision, but now we are feeling pessimistic and hopeless. Please restore our faith in America.

This is a copy of a letter sent to the President using, a civic participation site which helps people get informed and get involved.

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