Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Left Wing Couple Searches For Allies

Annie and I are having our usual morning-after political discussion following the prime time debt ceiling speeches.

Our National Debt is in a large part from the prior administration. Two unfunded wars, a financial meltdown from deregulation, a Medicare prescription plan with no negotiation (written by the pharmaceutical industry and passed by Republicans), along with tax cuts and an increase in the national debt from $5.7 to $10.7 trillion under Bush. Does that tell you something about the debt? Before Obama even took office, the deficit was projected to be $1 trillion.

So don't tell me it is suddenly a problem with social spending. Where are the jobs that were supposed to come with all of the tax cuts since 2000? Where were the cries about the debt during the Bush years?

We are not asking for new taxes. We are asking for an end to the Bush tax cuts, including an end to working money being taxed less than a working man's income (capital gains, dividend income). We want corporate tax rates to not be industry specific, and for large corporations not to be paying a lower effective rate than small businesses.

What exactly is Boehner's compromise? That all of the spending that Congress has authorized he will allow to be paid for, in return for which he will trash assistance programs when they are most needed? Why is he using the debt ceiling to force his agenda through?

How about if we just raise the debt ceiling, and Boehner's proposals can be debated on their own merits?

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