Monday, July 25, 2011

Switching Parties

If Obama is not going to stand up against anti-spending conservatives, but instead embrace their policies at the cost of jobs, the economy, the environment, and protection for consumers, the disabled, the old, the young, students, and small businessmen, then I suggest he change party allegiance.

It is painfully obvious that he not only won't take away the scissors from the running children, but that he is now the one running with those scissors. All of the principles he said he was for are compromised. He has caved time and time again to people with no social responsibility and no sense of accountability. He has let them frame the issues and the debate, so that the embattled Democrats in the House and Senate will face even tougher fights in the 2012 elections.

In pursuit of independent voters, is it really necessary to throw Americans under the limousines and onto the runways of the corporate jets?

Say it ain't so, Obama. Say it ain't so.

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