Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Primary Concerns

It is time for more people to go to the party caucuses or the primary elections to help pick what candidates we want running in the general elections. Do we want ideological zealots, be they Republican or Democrat? Do we want corporate (Blue Dog) democrats, Tea Party politicians, historical revisionists, or factually challenged candidates? Or do we want progressive members of both parties who have the state's, the nation's, and the people's interests at heart?

Do we want disaster capitalism or debt crises junkies? Do we want politicians who don't understand how Social Security is financed? Do we want people who think that a prescription drug plan written by the pharmaceutical industry which allows for no negotiation of drug prices is fine? Do we want candidates who claim that anyone who has even a dollar of dividend income is a small business? Or that having businesses bear the majority of the cost of health insurance is a great idea?

Go to the primaries and argue for party candidates who represent your interests, or just sit back and wonder how extremists from your own party got on the general election ballot. It's your choice.

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