Saturday, July 23, 2011

Letter to Obama; The Debt Ceiling, Children with Scissors

If there are to be no revenue increases, it is time to take cuts off the table, and simply raise the debt ceiling. Push it through the Senate and the House must follow.

The children have been running with scissors; it is time to take the scissors away.

Now that the children are out of the room, restart with a fair deal. Don't let radicals in the House destroy the economy.

No new taxes. Restore old ones. End the Bush tax cuts and stop protecting millionaires and billionaires at the cost of cuts to people who can least afford it.

Article 1, Section 8, the General Welfare Clause, "is not an independent grant of power, but a qualification on the taxing power which included within it a power to spend tax revenues on matters of general interest to the federal government." That interest is not served by repeated tax cuts for the wealthy and for corporations, tax cuts which deprive the government of the means of providing for the general welfare.

We cannot live within our means by reducing the means.

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